Instructions for Live Meetings in the Virtual World

Tuesday/Thursday class meets today in JH 202 Monday/Wednesday class meets Monday at 10:30

You will probably need to have two windows open, one for your class wiki and one for Second Life.
  • Click on the box marked Today's Notes. You should be able to retrieve your first reflection assignment. Post your response on the wiki after class. This is due by Friday at midnight.
  • We will pose for a class photo at 10:40 allowing plenty of time for all avatars to arrive.
  • The next activity for today's class will be to partner up and sign up for a chapter to present from our text. We will work in pairs. We will choose partners based on who is in class today. Students/avatars not signed on will team up via the class wiki and begin their discussion. As soon as you have located your partner you need to post the name of the two avatars and the chapter you would like to present. Be aware of the chat bar and the online discussion because the chapters will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. You cannot sign up for a chapter until we meet in class. You may choose from chapters 7-14. These chapters will be presented in numerical order, one chapter per week starting with chapter 7 on the 23rd (W) and 24th (Th) class.

  • Breakout Sessions may be held anywhere on Marshall's virtual campus. You and your partner may choose the location. If you have a question during your session you may IM me on the chat bar. Remember you may teleport your partner to you if you get lost from each other. During your discussion you need to brainstorm on different ways to deliver the content of your chapter such as; via technology or hands on activities. Remember to take a picture of the two of you and send me a copy. If you can in the message box post where you are and the chapter you are discussing. After a brief meeting, you may log off and post your ideas on the wiki.
Have fun exploring the virtual world and the benefits it offers! I will meet you again in the real world on Tuesday for our presentation.
Ann Bridges

Log on to Second Life and create an avatar.
If you are on your home computer, you need to download Second Life.
Create an avatar.
Search for Marshall University.
Teleport yourself to the island.
Once on campus enter Jenkins Hall.
My classroom is on the second floor room 202.
See if you can find the room and take a seat.
Type a message to me.
Send me a snapshot of you sitting in class by clicking on file, taking an snapshot and sending it to my email address.
Eventually, we will meet in this room and you will be able to pick up materials...