Student Created Train Cars

Dr. Dozier provided this snapshot of the children at the center reenacting, The Little Red Caboose.

You were awesome! The props, the costumes, the collaboration, were a huge success with the preschool children. They truly enjoyed the event. Your professional attitudes were indicative of what we expect to see during your clinical experience. Please post your reflection of today's activity and enter a discussion with your literacy group. Congratulations on your creative work.

The director just emailed me requesting all teacher candidates be reminded that in order to guarantee the confidentiality of the children all photos may only be used for educational purposes. Please do not upload any photos to Facebook, MySpace, etc. We are only loading/sharing photos on our class wiki or to a disk because this is a private site. Thank you.

Readers' Theatre Groups

Celebrate Literacy
Readers’ Theatre
Shawkey Dining Room 2E28
September 15, 2009
8-10:00 a.m.

Mrs. Jeffers’ CI 447/471 Reading Block Teacher Candidates
In collaboration with
Dr. Janet Dozier’s ECE 430/431 (Pre-School Practicum Students)
Katie McDilda’s CI 448 (Science Methods Students)

Text from the classical fairy tales will be brought to life by teacher candidates as they take the stage performing student created plays. Roles will reverse as teacher candidates share costumes and props allowing preschool students the opportunity to become actors on stage.
Science experiments aligned with the fairy tales will be conducted for preschoolers.

Join the characters from The Little Red Caboose, The Little Red Hen, and Little Red Riding Hood as literacy comes alive on Marshall University’s campus!
For further information contact: Cheryl Jeffers 304-942-1929

The Little Red Hen
The Little Red Caboose
Little Red Riding Hood
Jessica Anderson
Samantha Asbury
Priscilla Bailey
Jennifer Brown
Josi Eagle
Stephanie Ellis
Rhonda Foster
Rhonda France
Kassie Adkins
Taylor Allyn
Amanda Blain
Andrea Carey
Ashley Cowger
Kayla Davis

Ann Henry
Molly Kappy
Pierce Kupsche
Cori McIntire
Julianne Miller
Kimberly Miller
Stephanie Nida
Whitney O’Dell
Amanda Ferguson
Channing Friend
Jennifer Haught
Ashley Jones
Rachel Karr
Barbara Mitchell

Emily Bailey
Amen Perry
Susan Ray
Leslie Rice
Brent Roberts
Sandra Shewey
David Stewart
Samantha Tippett
Donna Wallace
Lee-Dorah Wokpara
Tiffany Perry
Courtney Porter
Melinda Watson
Kristina Williams
Tessa Wilson
Lauren Womack