Chapter Discussions may be conducted through this page via discussion threads. Create a thread title that includes your chapter number, names, and the class you are enrolled in to eliminate confusion, for example; Chapter 7, Carol & Cheryl, MW.

The rationale of chapter discussions is to present chapter highlights, share innovative ideas, activities, tools, or materials that can be transferred to the clinical experience. In essence create a toolbox of ideas to draw from during the reading block clinical.

Present/share your expertise of chapter highlights with your classmates with hands on activities, graphic organizers and technology. Provide copies of graphic organizers or other materials used during the presentation to your classmates.

Rubric for Chapter Presentation -
Presentation of Best Practices in Literacy Instruction:
Present the material from your assigned chapter as a teacher would present the material to the class. Do not provide an overview of the chapter. Address each element via an activity that will provide your peers the opportunity to interact in a collaborative manner. Incorporate technology in a creative and effective manner.

The presentation was dominated by a few students. Other members were used to distribute materials, etc. Knowledge of content by some team members was questionable. Reflection activity was missing. 21st Century E.L.T.S. were missing.

All students participated in presenting the assigned chapter in some manner. Most students seem knowledgeable of the material they were presenting. Reflection piece was offered but referred to towards the end of the presentation. 21st Century E.L.T.S. were limited to technological.
All students participated throughout the presentation in speaking, demonstrating, assisting, or facilitating an activity from the assigned chapter. Knowledge of the content by the presenters was evident. A reflection piece was implemented in an effective manner providing students opportunity to critically analyze the experience. 21st Century E.L.T.S. were embedded throughout the presentation and enhanced the quality of the project.
Materials were unprofessionally prepared, insufficient in number or inappropriate to the activity.

Materials were appropriate, organized, prepared in advance, and distributed properly.
Materials were professional and prepared in advance, organized and distributed in a manner that did not disturb the instructionally process.
Differentiation of instruction was not apparent. Activities were limited to lower level thinking order skills such as recall.

Differentiating Instruction was evident by the variety of activities presented. Students acknowledged the learning style of their peers (visual, auditory, kinesthetic).
Differentiating Instruction was evident by the variety of activities presented. Students acknowledged the learning style of their peers (visual, auditory, kinesthetic). Teacher candidates included activities requiring the highest levels of critical thinking skills. Reflection activities were included and offered students opportunities to contribute beyond the material presented.
Technology was referenced but not incorporated into the presentation.
Technology was used during the presentation as a tool to deliver instruction. Websites were provided to the students.
Technology was embedded throughout the presentation. Students were engaged and provided opportunities to explore the content presented. References to all materials and programs used were provided.